2-week Airbrush Course!

Russian Airbrush school (Rusairbrush) is launching the 2-week Airbrush Course in English! 

In contrast to single short-time workshops this format is for deeper and broader training.  The study group will consist of only 6 students who will  experience the severe of Russian school.

Anyone can participate in the course.

Start: 10 August.   Russia, Saint - Petersburg

From our side:

- Accommodation

- Cultural programme

There will be 3 days-off, which we will organize as some cultural events (city sightseeing and museum excursions)

- Professional interpreters

- And, above all, the education itself

+ And also we can additionally take care about food.

The details about all are below:

The course contains 5 units:

1. Basic exercise complex of сlassic training programme

Basic set of exercises and theoretical lectures aimed at improving skills


During the entire study will take place rotation of practice and theory. In addition to the topics studied on the workshops, we will discuss such important issues as:

Specifics of work in different areas

What speeds up and slows down the progress of technique?

What to work with?
Materials, equipment, paint

How do we create sketches?

Principal distinctive feature between Russian and foreign Airbrushing

Analysis of the form, errors correction

Ways of image marking and transferring

Auxiliary techniques and methods

 2. Abstraction workshop

One-day workshop during which effective techniques will be worked out on the example of the use of colors and materials of different properties and compositions

Photos from our others workshops:

3.Textures workshop

Two days of practical classes during which you will learn and work out different principles of creating textures

The teachers will demonstrate you more than 20 ways of creating textures, which, combining together, you will be able to do easily any texture you need. You will learn to transfer the specific differences of stone and metal rocks, create the structure of different trees, skin of reptiles, retina of the eye and much more.

4. Fur. Animal portrait

Five-day workshop. The teachers will talk about different ways to create a fur texture and will demonstrate the author's sequence of work. Each workshop participant will draw a color picture depicting a furry animal

Photos from our others workshops:

5. Photorealistic portrait

Five-day workshop which will cover all important aspects you need to know to create a good-quality photorealistic portrait. Each participant will draw a female photorealistic portrait

Photos from our others workshops:

At the end of each unit every student will create the  final work on surfaces of different materials: paper, canvas, metal, plastic.


This is all possible! Because «Art-Tehnika» - is the educational airbrush center that demonstrates with the results of its students that nothing is impossible.


1. Alina Tarasenko
director and school teacher

Alina’s portfolio 

2. Aleksandra Sapelnikova
artist and school teacher

Aleksandra’s portfolio 

3. Tatiana Zhuravleva
artist and school teacher

Tatiana’s portfolio 

Preliminary preparation to the course

There also will be a preliminary preparation to the course for participants via the Internet. We have prepared the set of tasks, accomplishment of which will speed up the progress of technique. The conscientious fulfillment of the tasks will allow get better results at workshops.

IMPORTANT: Anyone can take part in the course, even without the experience of airbrushing. The main thing is that for the time of preliminary preparation you had a compressor and an airbrush in order to do the exercises.


All materials are included in the cost! You will work with the best materials and equipment!

• Paints for the workshop will be provided by Schmincke AEROCOLOR

• Airbrushes for the workshop will be provided by ANEST IWATA


14 days - The whole training part lasts.  Everyday studying period will last 10 hours (depending on student’s progress).

+ 1 spare day - August 9  - for early arrival (We recommend to arrive in advance to accommodate quietly and sleep well)
+ 3 days off between workshops during which excursions around St. Petersburg will be organized.
+ 1 spare day - August 27 - for photos, congratulations and completion of works if someone did not have time to do it at Workshop.

Total: 19 days in Russia.


The total cost includes accommodation for 19 days by two person per room. 
For this course we book the entire beautiful apartment in the Historical Center of Saint-Petersburg for exactly 19 nights.


You will be picked up and then driven to the apartment. You will also be taken to the airport at the end of the course.

On school days the driver will take the students from the apartment to the school and back.


3 excursions with English-speaking guides:
Tour to Peterhof
Trip along rivers and canals, sights of Saint-Petersburg
Hermitage museum

If you want a more extensive cultural programme outside the study, come to Saint-Petersburg in advance or stay here after the course.             Important! The organization of leisure activities outside the course you do by yourself.

Russian Visa

The issue of Russian Visa obtaining you decide on your own, we recommend you to apply for the simplest type - Tourist Visa. The average term for processing a Visa is 2 weeks. We recommend to deal with this issue in advance.                                                                                                                                 If you need an invitation letter to apply for Visa, we will prepare it for you.

IMPORTANT. Arrival and departure time.

The classes will start at 10 a.m. on 10 August, the last day of the course - 27 August. 
You buy flight tickets to Russia by yourself. 

We recommend to buy tickets so that on 9 August you will be in Saint-Petersburg (to accommodate quietly and sleep well), and we recommend taking return tickets the next day after the end of the course, because usually students work late on the final day. 

The apartment will be available from 2 p.m. on 9 August to 12 p.m. on 28 August.
If your departure time will be later, you could leave your luggage at school and then go straight from there to the airport.

Before buying tickets to Russia, it is strongly recommended to agree with us the arrival and departure dates.

The representative of the school will meet you at the airport.

COST: 1650 €

+ Additional. FOOD!

Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be included in case of additional payment of food.
Meals are provided for 14 school days. Of which 4 days will be themed when you get acquainted with various national dishes:

Russian cuisine

Ukrainian cuisine

Georgian cuisine

Armenian cuisine

The remaining 10 days is a balanced complex 5 meals a day nutrition. You can choose the nutrition value of the ration:

1. Light 
1000 calories a day
Protein: 90-100 g
Fat: 35-39 g
Carbohydrate: 65-70 g

Example of a complex for 1 day:

2. Normal 
1200 calories a day
Protein: 90-100 g
Fat: 40-50 g
Carbohydrate: 85-100 g

Example of a complex for 1 day:

3. Power 
2000 calories a day
Protein: 110-130 g
Fat: 70-90 g
Carbohydrate: 180-200 g

Example of a complex for 1 day:

Meals are not included in the basic cost of the course and paid extra!
Cost of food for 14 days - 200 €

Advance payment

The total ammount of prepayment is 600
If you take food in addition - 800.

This money goes to organizational expenses: rent of housing, booking of events.

The prepayment can be divided into parts per 200 
For example, you can first pay 200 € (in order to book the place). The second part- next month. And so on every month.

The remaining 1050 you pay directly at school. 

You need to understand that the part of prepayment goes to organizational expenses, which are equally devided among all the participants (accommodation, transfer, interpretation services, excursions).
If you refuse to study the prepayment is refunded only if your place will be occupied by another participant who compensates these costs.

Any question about the course? Want to enroll? Leave your contacts and our administrator will respond in his office hours

If you can not participate in this course

but you want it to be organized one more time, fill the form below so that we can understand for whom, when and exactly what courses we need to organize